We understand that resources are finite and organisations need to realise real benefit for every dollar spent.

Our Vision is to 'Make a Safe Workplace a reality for all our clients';

Why S4 Safety?

Ssymbolises the 4 S’ of our business; SMART goal management,  a Sustainable approach, with Safety being at the core of all that we do and being Solutions focused.

Why not use another Company - Safety Management Legislation is all the same?

While it is true that the Acts, Regulations and Codes of Practice within one Jurisdiction are the same for similar industries our point of difference is defined by our service delivery which translates to a broad range of benefits to our clients, these include;

  • A centralized pool of diverse skills to draw upon.
  • With a blend of permanent. casual and subcontracted personnel  our company structure provides agility for our clients - all members of our organisation are 'free agents' which adhere to a core set of 'Values' this enables a high degree of flexibility with an autonomous approach to service delivery.
  • Our vision is focused on delivering true value to clients, we understand that every business is different therefore a one size fits all approach will not deliver value for money.
  • No hidden costs, if we have developed what you need for someone else you won't get charged for all the work - costs will only relate to the time required to customise for your needs.
  • A goal of client self sufficiency - All programs that are implemented are designed with client ownership in mind, we do not copyright our documented material provided to you and we partner with clients with a view to make them self sufficient.
  • Access to modern online tools that can provide a whole of business solution, we can couple an online presence to promote your business with a secure virtual staff room enabling staff and contractors to access your documented procedures, forms and information and an online incident reporting system.
  • Scale-ability and cost effectiveness, you may only need one small project completed - regardless of the work load we will be just as excited to be able to help you achieve your goal on time, on specification and on budget.
  • We look at the process throughout the business cycle from project concept, risk management, establishment and maintenance of your Safety Management system through to development of the required Emergency Management systems.