Access to WHS and compliance data, anywhere, anytime - go online.

We understand you want to provide and maintain a safe working environment but find that many available systems fall outside of your budget.

WHS - Lite, is light on your finances and internet connection, not on functionality. Written by safety professionals and using tried and proven programming code.

There are zero setup costs, no contracted usage period, a free trial period  monthly access fees start from a very low 25 dollars per month* (up to 10 active users) with a range of packages to choose from you will find this to be one of the most cost effective reporting systems on the market.

The program is offered as a SAAS package - Software As A Service there is nothing to install on your PC or mobile device, just enable an internet connection, logon and go.


Client Support Portal

All our clients projects, small or large are important to us.

Our success is defined by our ability to deliver on budget, on time and to scope.

Risk Management

Understanding an organisations Risks and putting the appropriate risk treatment plans in place are critical steps in the maintenance of a well ran business.

It is essential to recognize that risks come from a multitude of sources, these can be broadly broken down to a few key categories and include;

Business Continuity (i.e. staff levels, training adequacy, equipment availability, disruptive competition, consumables and critical spares availability),

Community Impact (i.e. off site noise and pollutant emissions, perception of off site impacts, NGO agitation),

Safety Risks (i.e. occurrences resulting in injuries and significant near misses),

Environmental & Heritage Risks (i.e.unauthorized disruption of cultural sites  discharge of hydrocarbons beyond a bund contaminating a habitat),

Reputation Risks (i.e. project failure leads to share price devaluation or B2B peers withdraw services and support), 

Legal Risks (i.e. prosecution under corporations, work health safety, environmental and other legislation).

Training Services

Whether you are looking to refresh existing, or gain new skills experiential learning provided through practical industry qualified trainers delivers the best value for money.

Learn First Aid Skills from Paramedics* that have had industrial emergency response and on road experience and gain greater practical insight during Mine Emergency Response Training from experienced mine emergency coordinators with years of underground and surface mine emergency management and response experience.

Our Instructors additionally hold construction industry white cards which enable them to deliver training on building construction work sites.


Incident Response & Investigation

In addition to the Incident Response, Emergency Management, Employee Welfare and Injury Management should all be part of an organisations response plan.

Any incident occurrence requires an investigation of some degree.

An effective investigation is critical for a number of factors these include:

  • Identifying the root cause so control measures can be put in place to stop any re-occurrences.
  • Improve safety and processes.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement that may lead to greater employee satisfaction.
  • Meet legislative obligations.
  • Improved risk management.
  • Increased confidence in the community "Maintaining the Social License to operate".
  • Stakeholder and Shareholder confidence in maintained.