Risk Management

Understanding an organisations Risks and putting the appropriate risk treatment plans in place are critical steps in the maintenance of a well ran business.

It is essential to recognize that risks come from a multitude of sources, these can be broadly broken down to a few key categories and include;

Business Continuity (i.e. staff levels, training adequacy, equipment availability, disruptive competition, consumables and critical spares availability),

Community Impact (i.e. off site noise and pollutant emissions, perception of off site impacts, NGO agitation),

Safety Risks (i.e. occurrences resulting in injuries and significant near misses),

Environmental & Heritage Risks (i.e.unauthorized disruption of cultural sites  discharge of hydrocarbons beyond a bund contaminating a habitat),

Reputation Risks (i.e. project failure leads to share price devaluation or B2B peers withdraw services and support), 

Legal Risks (i.e. prosecution under corporations, work health safety, environmental and other legislation).

As such we approach Risk Management with a holistic approach, our intention is to provide our clients with a Risk Management system that encompasses their whole operation and can be easily used to maintain risks regardless of their source.

Our findings from experience shows organisations either;

  • don't have a risk register,
  • stop after creating an enterprise risk register that only addresses financials,
  • load a risk register full of safety risks that is overly large and difficult to manage,
  • created a risk register years ago and it is no longer up to date,
  • have a generic risk register that looks like a risk register, feels like a risk register however is not their risk register as it was a copy and paste exercise from elsewhere

If you feel your organisation falls into one of these categories above you may wish to review your organisations risk management policies, plans, procedures and "risk appetite".

We hold formal qualifications and have experience with Risk Management in heavy industry, chemical processing, metallurgical processing, smelting, mining exploration, mining operations, construction and transport.  

Our organisation can coach you through establishment and maintenance of a Risk Management System to suit your operation including provision of;

  • Documentation (establish policies and plans).
  • Development of an Enterprise Risk Management plan.
  • Tools (customised Risk Register, HIRAC - Risk Assessment, HAZOP, JHA/JSA and Operators Take 5).
  • Facilitate Risk Workshops (create or update your risk registers and populate risk assessment tools).
  • Coach and train personnel in Risk Management techniques.